Meeting needs and helping people for Jesus

The Missions/Global Outreach Ministry at Immanuel is our opportunity to serve others in our community, country, and world. When we get outside the walls of our church, we are able to make an impact for Jesus greater than we could ever imagine.

We have many different types of service opportunities ranging from 1-day events to multiple week trips. Our hope is through this range of opportunity, you can find the right mission project God has for you.

Local Missions

Our local missions projects are designed to serve the people of Highland and the surrounding communities. These projects are often ideal for families and usually only last one day.

Past examples of local events are the Harvest Festival and 4th of July Celebration, Thanksgiving food box distribution, and collections for our local pregnancy center.

National Missions

California Projects
We partner with the California Southern Baptist Convention to serve people outside of the Highland community. These projects typically range from 2 days to 1 week.

National Projects
We partner with the North American Mission Board to serve those in need across North America. National Projects are normally week long trips.

International Missions

In partnership with the International Mission Board (IMB), these projects are designed to serve people outside of North America, so you’ll need to have a valid US Passport before leaving on the trip. International trips are typically 10-12 days long.

Meet the Team:

Ashley Culpepper

Director of Missions and Outreach
About Ashley

Hello! My name is Ashley Culpepper. I was born and raised in the south (I’m a Georgia peach at heart), but I’ve lived all across the globe. In my free time I enjoy spending time in local coffee shops, reading, drawing, traveling, and experiencing any new adventure. God gave me a heart for missions at a young age, and I’m blessed to be able to serve as the Director of Missions & Outreach to help spread the Gospel locally and to the nations.

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William Samaddar

Pastor of Immanuel Bangladesh
About William

William has served in ministry to the people of Bangladesh for several years and is currently serving as the pastor of IBC Bangladesh. In California there is no Bangla (Bangladesh native language) speaking church where they can worship in their mother language. They are working with the Bangladesh community in Loma Linda, Redlands, Highland and San Bernardino.

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Dr. Rob Zinn

Minister of Adult Education & North American Missions
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Upcoming Missions Events