Are you ready to be baptized?

Baptism is the first “next step” after receiving Jesus into your life. It is your way of publicly professing your old life is dead and you now have new life in Jesus Christ.

At Immanuel, we offer baptism for new believers of any age. Before being baptized, we ask that you attend a one-time class either in-person or online. Details for that class are below.

Adult Baptism Class

“Starting Point”

Are you interested in getting baptized? Great! Click the button below and we will connect you with an in-person or online Baptism Class. This Baptism Class is also available to watch right here!

Kids Baptism Class

This 1-hour class is design to help kids understand the decision they have made to follow Jesus and introduce them to the next step of following him in baptism.

This class can be offered in-person or online.