Giving at Immanuel

We believe giving to the local church in tithes and offerings is not only a sacrifice, but also an act of worship. We give back to God because of all the things He’s given to us.

We have many ways to give at Immanuel, but since you’re already on this website, the easiest way for you is probably giving online through the button below.

You can find the other giving options available below.

If you have any questions regarding giving or finances at IBC, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (909) 425-1777.

Text To Give

Other than giving through the website, Text To Give is one of the easiest ways for you to give to Immanuel.

Follow the steps below to give directly from your phone:

1) Text (909) 453-4050.

2) Follow the instructions you receive to set up your account.

3) Submit your amount to give.

After your first time, it’s as easy as texting your gift amount to (909) 453-4050 any time you wish to give.

Alternate Ways To Give

1. In worship services

2. Dropped off or mailed to the church office

3. A check mailed directly from your bank
These checks are a result of online payments through your bank.

4. Donating stocks or other assets
These types of gifts are most often contributed near the end of the calendar or tax year. Stock gifts are usually sold, while other assets are used directly in the ministry of the church if possible. If you would like to contribute stock or other assets please call the Finance staff at 909-425-1777 to arrange the transfer.

5. Purchasing Scrip Cards
Scrip cards are similar to gift cards that you can purchase at Immanuel and your purchases will benefit the church. Scrip can also be ordered online at (Join the 909435ibc group when creating your account) or purchased from our current inventory on campus:

Sold Monday – Friday in the Church Office, 9:00am- 1:00pm

Special orders can also be made by physical form, download it here. See a list of available Scrip card options here.